Together Co is all about creating connections and friendships, but as the health & safety challenges of Covid-19 threatened the ability of people to get together, they needed a rapid solution that would mitigate risk. Fit for Work’s app created a platform to engage and connect people living in isolation with the volunteers supporting them.

How our technology helped

Digital activity log

Fit for Work’s digital app replaced paper-based record keeping with an easy to use interface, which allowed people to log their visits with one click

Automated communications

Volunteers' locations are logged whenever the app is used, increasing safety and allowing easy upload of supporting photographs and notes when incidents occur

Knowledge base

We created a digital knowledge base that volunteers can quickly access on location if they’re unsure of how to support people in an unexpected and challenging situation

Fit for Work has replaced our inefficient email-based reporting with an easy to use digital product that instantly connects us to our volunteers, wherever they are.
Emily Daniel, Operations Lead

Reduce administration requirements

Reduce administration requirements

Recruiting and retaining volunteers was difficult, in part because of necessary but demanding safeguarding requirements, resulting in significant amounts of paperwork before and after each visit. Together Co needed to reduce the burden on people who want to help but are short on time.

The app acts as a digital crib sheet for volunteers ensuring they know exactly who they’re meeting and any essential insight about the individuals. Fit for Work also created a friction-free process for logging activities and checking in and out of volunteering sessions. Not only did this increase the number of people signing up, but drop-off rates have reduced by 50%.

Supported Together Co’s digital transformation

Fit for Work’s technology now connects Together Co’s diverse workforce of employees, flexible workers, and volunteers, ensuring that they can not only communicate at all times but have access to critical information and training on-demand, whenever they need it.

We were able to roll out the digital app across all mobile devices within weeks, empowering a workforce, which totals hundreds across a variety of locations and environments.

Supported Together Co’s digital transformation

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