As Mace welcomed direct employees and subcontractors on to site in 2021, Fit for Work was adopted to build a consistent health, safety and wellbeing culture with all operatives

How our technology helped

A welcome video greeted all operatives to the project

Every operative was welcomed with a video from the project director and given access to critical project information via mobile

Instant messages sent to active operatives on site

In the event of a fire evacuation, Mace could trigger an instant message to every operative who had checked into site that day

Daily touch point gave each operative a voice on site

Operatives were given the ability to report anonymously on their experience on site, via the Fit for Work mobile app

Fit for Work has given everybody a voice on site - including subcontracted operatives - and the system has been integral to us creating a consistent health, safety and wellbeing culture
Steve Pearce, Project Director

Developing a culture with a complex workforce

Developing a culture with a complex workforce

Like many construction projects, the on site workforce at Triton Square consisted of both direct employees and subcontractors. Engaging with all operatives in a consistent way and instilling a positive health, safety and wellbeing culture was always going to be a challenge.

Mace adopted the Fit for Work system as a way of engaging with everyone on site, regardless of their direct employer. The system was configured for the project's specific needs and deployed within weeks.

Two-way communication with every operative on site

Mace were able to engage with every active operative in real-time, distributing welcome packs with on site resources and welcome messages from key project team members via mobile and tablet. Using the Fit for Work dashboard, Project Managers were able to send custom messages to active operatives on site. An integration with the project's gated entry system (T&A) improved accuracy and visibility of who was on site.

As Mace continue to roll the system out to other high profile projects, operatives will also have access to mental health information through Fit for Work's partnership with the Lighthouse Club.

Two-way communication with every operative on site

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