Local charities and not-for-profits face the dual challenge of financial constraints and limited time available for volunteers. Fit for Work’s technology enables organisations to streamline comms and mobilise people when they’re needed most

How our technology helped

Enabled events to restart

During Covid, Fit for Sport’s digital app automated the screening process, meaning all participants and volunteers could quickly and easily demonstrate their testing status. Replacing a slow, paper-based process, our technology proved the catalyst for events to resume safely

Centralised communications

Rather than relying on open messaging services like WhatsApp, people can now communicate in a safe and secure environment, while Fit for Sport’s functionality allows them to instantaneously create working groups to simplify planning and event management

Access for all

Fit for Sport’s app works across all devices and operating systems, meaning everyone can use the same platform safely and equitably

The app has added an extra layer to our existing safety measures and has allowed us to keep grassroots sports safe and accessible to our members
Paul Landsdale, Chairman of Sevenoaks Town FC

Low cost, no-hassle wellbeing technology

Low cost, no-hassle wellbeing technology

Covid proved how challenging unexpected and unpredictable circumstances are for not-for-profits. Fit for Work’s commitment to empower people within all organisations to access solutions that make their work experiences better, whether paid or unpaid, allowed us to rapidly activate a solution that kept critical fundraising and community events live.

Our app can now act as the central point of communication and community management for any charity or volunteer-led group that requires safe, simple-to-use technology that can be immediately deployed and doesn’t break the bank.

Secure, equitable communications

In community-based organisations, it’s crucial that everyone has access to the same tools and can make their voice heard.

Fit for Work’s app is available on all devices and can be accessed anywhere, offering an immediate, equitable solution for charities and volunteer-backed organisations. Using facial recognition technology and encrypted messaging, we provide people with the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed privacy and security.

Secure, equitable communications

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