Wetton wanted to improve training and visibility across their distributed workforce. We created bitesize training modules for mobile and client dashboards for greater transparency.

How our technology helped

Integration with iAuditor pulled key project data into one place

Wetton's project scheduling tool of choice was integrated with Fit for Work training data, to create a custom dashboard for clients

Visibility across 140+ sites through an intuitive central dashboard

Through a new custom dashboard, Wetton and their clients had access to real-time project information for multiple sites across the UK

20+ bitesize training modules, available on the go, via mobile devices

Staff could complete safety-critical training anytime, anywhere, through a fully remote, paperless system with automated training reminders

We needed to accurately capture our staff training and competency records, while providing transparency for all stakeholders. We have achieved this with the Fit for Work app, which has been tailored to our business needs
Justin Baker, Executive Director

Remote staff training on mobile

Remote staff training on mobile

Wetton is a nationwide cleaning and support services company, providing tailored cleaning solutions across a broad range of environments.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was looking for new innovations in the marketplace that could improve the experience of staff and customers. To improve remote staff training, Fit for Work was configured with bitesize training modules, with automated reminders when training was due, all designed and optimised for mobile handsets and tablets.

Dashboards gave clients new visibility

This new digital training data brought a unique opportunity to build custom dashboards by integrating other key project systems like iAuditor. This created a single viewing portal for real-time project information, improving visibility not only for Wetton internally, but for their clients as well.

By taking an innovative approach to remote staff training, and by creating a unique experience for their clients, Wetton were able to grow their customer base during the challenging COVID-19 months.

Dashboards gave clients new visibility

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