As demands on Virtu’s HR team escalated during Covid-19, Fit for Work rapidly developed a solution to solve urgent short-term requirements and provide a platform for ongoing staff engagement

How our technology helped

Automated communications

Fit for Work’s digital app automated a manual form-filling process, meaning workers can immediately communicate their location and flag any issues or concerns

Removed the admin burden from HR

The automated platform quickly and easily aggregates worker communications, logging non-urgent requests and flagging any immediate concerns that HR can then prioritise

Universal access to the app gives every worker a voice

Virtu’s team is distributed across multiple countries and territories but is now connected by Fit for Work’s platform, ensuring equitable communications for every worker

Supporting Virtu’s key values of supporting workers

Supporting Virtu’s key values of supporting workers

Virtu’s team was always diverse in location and function, and as working trends, driven by Covid, distributed its people even further, it was vital that leadership and HR could feel safe in the knowledge that every individual felt supported.

By adopting Fit for Work’s platform, the company ensured that worker safety was protected during the most uncertain periods in their history while implementing new systems and processes, which would ensure worker engagement long beyond the end of the pandemic.

Accelerated Virtu’s digital transformation

With hybrid working becoming more commonplace, the need to accelerate the process of digital transformation was paramount.

By easily integrating with Virtu’s existing technology stack, Fit for Work reduced the processing time for business-critical worker information from days to real-time, meaning leadership and HR no longer have to manually sort through data and communications, but instead are automatically alerted to issues.

Accelerated Virtu’s digital transformation

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