Morson International needed a way to keep their distributed workforce safe and COVID-compliant through various forms of lockdown in Australia.

How our technology helped

200+ operatives protected on Melbourne's rail infrastructure

Staff were able to check into sites safely via the mobile app and the threat of potential COVID outbreaks was proactively managed

4,000+ interactions on staff health, safety and wellbeing

Remote staff reported daily on how they were feeling, helping to ensure they and their co-workers were safe and healthy

180+ instant alerts to potential risks and issues on site

On average, the Fit for Work system alerted management to 2.5 potential health, safety and wellbeing risks per week

Having seen firsthand how it can bring about collaborative inclusion of a distributed workforce, especially in this challenging COVID climate, I passionately believe FFW has a place in every organisation big or small.
Adam McKendry, Market Development Executive

COVID check-ins on mobile

COVID check-ins on mobile

Morson are the third largest engineering recruitment company in the world, offering recruitment, engineering, consultancy, training and screening services.

As the Melbourne branch was trialling the Fit for Work app, the onset of the COVID pandemic presented all new challenges to the safety of rail workers.

Real-time safety alerts and instructions

The company acted quickly to re-configure the Fit for Work app to guard against the threat of potential COVID outbreaks on client sites. Rail operatives were asked a series of health, safety and wellbeing questions at the start and end of their shifts to keep them and their co-workers safe.

Instant alerts and instructions via mobile helped operatives to make safe decisions throughout the day. With the support of Fit for Work, Morson have been able to tackle a new health and safety landscape proactively.

Real-time safety alerts and instructions

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