During the first national lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, a UK construction firm needed to reassure their staff and clients that safety was their #1 priority on site

How our technology helped

6,500+ interactions on staff health, safety and wellbeing

With an average of 100 app interactions per week, staff were able to report how they were feeling from day to day

Real-time visibility on the people and activity on site

Staff were able to check into sites safely via the mobile app, using facial recognition and GPS technology on the phone

150+ instant alerts to potential safety risks

On average, the Fit for Work system alerted management to 2 potential health, safety and wellbeing risks per week

I want to be 100% sure that the guys are healthy before the shift starts. The app gives me peace of mind that our teams are in a safe working environment
Mark Hitchcock, Project Manager
Design Rationale

COVID-19 held up construction work

COVID-19 held up construction work

Design Rationale - a specialist architectural metalwork and glazing contractor - needed to put additional safety measures in place to protect their staff and to reassure the main contractor that project work was safe to continue.

The company looked for new technologies that could support a safe return to work, including temperature checking devices, thermal imaging cameras and supporting mobile software.

Fit for Work was used to remobilise with 100% compliance

The company activated their entire workforce on the Fit for Work app within weeks of the government announcing the lockdown measures. Operatives were asked a series of safety screening questions via the Fit for Work app as they entered and exited client project sites.

Using the Fit for Work app to reassure their staff and the main contractor, Design Rationale were able to complete work on the new Elizabeth Line at Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon stations.

Fit for Work was used to remobilise with 100% compliance

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