As the HSE introduced random spot checks on corporate mental wellbeing, DCUK was already adapting the Fit for Work app to solve new health, safety and wellbeing challenges.

How our technology helped

Wellbeing surveys connect workers with the right support

Remote workers can now report on H&S and wellbeing anonymously and receive links to mental health support services.

200+ staff with the ability to report near misses

Enabling every individual to report near misses opens up accountability and visibility, reducing the burden on site supervisors.

Company-wide rollout within 3 weeks

Through March 2022, DCUK will provide every remote member of staff access to the newly configured Fit for Work app.

We have been able to quickly adapt the Fit for Work product to our new needs in response to the changing health, safety and wellbeing landscape
Jamie Carraher, Health & Safety Director

New HSE wellbeing spot checks

New HSE wellbeing spot checks

DCUK had originally trialled the Fit for Work system midway through 2021 as a way to ensure Covid-control measures were being followed at remote site locations, including Heathrow Airport. The app was also being used to ensure operatives' understanding of safety-critical information.

As the HSE began carrying out spot checks, DCUK had already begun configuring Fit for Work as a solution to both physical and mental wellbeing challenges.

Adapted and rolled out within weeks

With Fit for Work's modular suite of features, DCUK have been able to adapt the system to include worker wellbeing checks and near miss reporting, ahead of a company-wide rollout. Accident and incident briefings will now be distributed in real-time via mobile, as well as bitesize training information.

In the near future, DCUK are looking to drive industry insights from the Fit for Work data to optimise the working experience for all staff members.

Adapted and rolled out within weeks

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