Benchmark’s workforce is highly mobile and often working alone, which required Fit for Work to deliver a unique combination of guaranteed connectivity, real-time and on-demand digital resources, and secure communications

How our technology helped

Made regular check-ins quick and easy

Previously workers would have to call in to speak with supervisors and used a combination of paper and text messaging to share information. They can now do this instantaneously via the Fit for Work app

Location and incident stored centrally

Workers' locations are logged whenever the app is used, increasing safety and allowing easy upload of supporting photographs and notes when incidents occur

Secure messaging connects the team

By replacing an open text messaging service, Fit for Work’s platform has both ensured private information is secure while creating community communication tools for the mobile workforce

Widespread digital adoption

Widespread digital adoption

Benchmark’s head office teams and frontline workers had previously relied upon a manual approach to communication and check-in, based on a combination of paper forms and mobile messaging apps.

By delivering an easy-to-use solution that replicated the utility of the previous systems without requiring significant training, Fit for Work and Benchmark were able to ensure 100% adoption.

Increased level of security and protection

Fit for Work’s facial recognition technology, secure messaging system, and geo-location data, has significantly improved the safety of workers and the security of information across the business.

As the duty of care expected of organisations continues to increase, Benchmark has future-proofed itself against compliance issues, meaning leadership can focus on improving the quality of service to customers and, critically, engagement and communications with their people.

Increased level of security and protection

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